text threads

embroidered texttext on a shirt I was writing about text threads last week – the online kind, where a conversation gets linked together by a virtual thread. The metaphor of threading‘s pretty universal: used in programming, in protein sequencing too: it’s one of those really basic human processes I think, used even in male-dominated IT and science.
embroidered coat Actual thread is back in fashion now, after the Great Sewing Bee, especially upcycling (try google images ‘sewing upcycling blogs’). I upcycle a lot, using basics from the £1 rail at the Tulse Hill Geranium Shop. The pleasure is manifold: the focus of hunting, the smugness of economy, the Pygmalion delight of bringing something to new life.
Rosalind WyattI was taught to write in thread by Rosalind Wyatt. She’s a calligrapher and textile artist, properly post-disciplinary. Her work always gives me ideas, makes me want to make, like her waulking jacket, or Jude Law’s Hamlet shirt.
page from art bookI also love her calligraphy work, which is always very material. Her ‘the book of the dark’ reminds me of my own ‘the book of the still’.Rosalind’s course was at the delightful Waterperry Gardens. Current courses include breadmaking and mosaic as well as drawing and painting.
V&A catalogWaterperry is lovely all year – there’s a gallery, gardens, and teashop: but in July there’s also the huge Art in Action, with 3000 places on 40 ‘taster’ courses available. I’ve just got the V&A 2014/15 course catalog. It surprisingly hard to find via Google, so here it is via the V&A newsletter.

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