the expanded field

Gallery at nightNew research in ceramic practice at the University of Westminster focusses on the relationship between ceramics and museums. The conference, Ceramics in the Expanded Field opened yesteday with a private view of the accompanying exhibition, with works by Julian Stair, Christie Brown and Clare Twomey.
gallery openingAmbika is a huge gallery space created from an old Engineering Lab – which makes me nostalgic for my own engineering studies. It’s an interesting venue for performance and conceptual work: there’s no natural light, both an opportunity and a challenge. The PV last night was very atmospheric, and the work was easy to see, even if the guests weren’t!
I didn’t manage to get good images of Christie’s work, inspired by Ambika herself – the person in whose name the gallery was funded. Exquisite corpses and Uncanny Playroom give you a feeling – hopefully an uncanny one – of her work.
gallery, ceramics Julian Stair had work from his mima show there: I love the way his work has multi-layered links with our relationship with ceramics and with death – right back to the original ‘beaker people’, where pots used for funerals, mead, and food defined a culture.
Kim BagleyJulian’s pots remind me of Kim Bagley’s african cows, also made from different colours of clay. Elain Bolt has a great blog about Kim’s recent exhibition.
Kim Bagley

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