the blessed round

Poster for  The Blessed Round performance
I was lucky enough to be invited to collaborate on The Blessed Round, a cantata by Rebecca Bilkau, set to music by Helen Roe, which had its first performance on 1st February 2020. The main illustrations are images of porcelain, that’s been etched with words from the poems and given a single firing. The lack of glaze makes them look like stone, I think.
etched porcelain tileIt was wonderful working with Rebecca: from the first reading of the poems I was caught by the imagery and ideas. The first work I made was ‘is ever new dust’, written in sugar solution on a plank, then dust blown over it. Of course it only exists as images now, a change from my usual eternal porcelain….

is ever new dust animation
There’s calligraphy as well as the etched porcelains, together making a booklet, something that’s tactile: it’s strange how poems on paper seem so different to ones on a screen…
stand in our light I will be selling the books at my next Open Studios -sadly can’t get out to post them at the moment. You can see more of Rebecca’s work here and here.
TBR books


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