every day a beautiful view of skye

Be calmed via this webcam. Here’s a copy from 2:28 on 27 May 2012, but the image from now will be better.

webcam image of mallaig across the sound of sleat

It’s like peeking through a wormhole in space – but not time: you have to get up early for the dawn… I like the reality of that, it’s a reminder of the physical nature of existence, another way to be reminded of the here and now – what I hope I’m exploring in my work . Although you can see a whole month of views here, there’s not the same thrill.

Why? I’m not sure. Any thoughts gratefully received.

Thanks to Roy, who makes the site. Thanks Roy!

3 responses to “every day a beautiful view of skye

  1. Hi Carys, I enjoy the odd look at the Antarctic webcams, i love the idea of having a sneaky peek into such a different environment from my own that is close yet so far away. Of course this way keeps it mysterious and romantic on some level and I can dream of having the courage to venture forth into the icy wilderness to witness the beauty firsthand and stay at home in the dreaming of it. I think capturing a ‘moment’ in time is definitely an expression of the hear and now, even tho time lapses in the process. I got excited looking at the month of pics! And its familiar to me as I love the changing landscape of my own vista on a daily basis, seeing nature making and remaking anew.


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