sprigs and tests

A date for your diaries: Artists Open House for the Dulwich Festival will be the two weekends 13/14th and 20/21st May 2017. I’m also teaching a one-day beginner’s class at the Parade Mews pottery on 23rd April & 4th June 2017 in case you ever decide to try making…

The brochures will be available from shops and cafes around Dulwich from the 24th April – look out for them! I was interviewed for the brochure last year, I’ve appended it to the end of this post in case you’re interested.

Sprig test tilesI was so agreeably surprised by last weeks sprig pots that I’m going to have to stop and do some glaze tests before finishing them. The glaze needs to let the details of the mouldings on the sprigs show through.

libation cupHere’s one I made earlier where the sprigs are very muffled – hardly showing their beech qualities at all.


I ran a glaze workshop for the Salisbury Arts Centre in January. A great day, but one of those where everyone’s gratification had to be delayed until the tests were fired. The ones I’ve seen look fabulous. There’s more at the Arts Centre Pottery’s Instagram feed (mine is carys9999, there are are about 1000 other carys davies’ in Wales! ). Many thanks to Mirka and Suzie for the images.



Interview text


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