Affordable Art Fair Battersea

Affordable Art Fair flyer So, I delivered my work to the Columbia Gallery stand (K1) at the Battersea Art Fair, and took a good look around, while I was there.  It was great to meet Hannah Ludnow, who paints, and runs the Gallery. It always surprises me how much more there is to people than the impression you get from email and texts… They are narrow bandwidth channels – duh!

Hannah’s a good picker. I really like her selection.  Mind you, she’s all about horizons, like me, so no surprise there. As usual, I also  love the images with objects… great spoon, great jug…

Columbia Gallery flyer

Walking around, I was surprised how easy it was to pick favourites. There was a lot of fashionable, ‘shiny’ art, but also vibrant images, what I call ‘painterly’, that made you stop and look. I could have picked 3-4 things to buy, without to much angst, even in my 15 minute walkabout. Luckily people were still setting up so no prices were visible.

There were lots of printmaker co-ops, galleries from market towns coming to London, a smattering of Dutch and US galleries too. Not all were  set up, but four four caught my eye with Michelle Cobbin.

Trying (unsuccessfully) to find the other images that caught my eye via the AAF website  has reinforced for me the advantages of seeing even 2-D images ‘in the flesh’.  It all looks much the same in the tiny squares online: at the show, my favourites really jumped out at me. So I recommend a visit. It makes you trust your eyes and taste again! The Fair’s at the river end of the park, and there’s a shuttle bus from Sloane Square tube.

What do you think?

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