tribes in the arts

Many thanks to everyone who supported the Artists’ Open House at the Dulwich Festival. We had a great couple of weekends, with a real feeling of community in dear old Parade Mews.
I went to the innovation charity Nesta last week. Their Arts Impact Fund were hosting a Finance Fair, with a focus on measuring the value that art delivers, and showing it’s worth investing in.
It was very different to the recent crafts collaboration seminar I went to. Even a session from lawyers on Intellectual Property was full of vim. I think the biggest difference was in the audience: full of people ready to have a discussion, to explore new options, to get up and go. And prepared to deal with ‘big business’ if that would help them deliver more value to more people. Like Ugly Duck, where you can earn an exhibition space by time-banking volunteer hours. A kind of mixture of the idealistic and the practical. My kind of people.
wrap shawlAll the commuting meant I finished my shawl, despite endlessly catching the wool on the my coat’s Velcro. Doh. It’s knitted in some lace-weight wool from a charity shop, and only weighs 100g (about 4oz) despite being a triangle 280cm x 100cm.
old-fashioned shawlI was inspired by the old-fashioned shawls that wrap around your shoulders, cross over the front, and tie at the back. Very Sense and Sensibility.
It starts with casting on 8 stitches, with an increase at each end and in the middle – marked with a safety pin, so no counting needed.
wrap shawlwrap shawlAs you knit, it becomes a bigger and bigger triangle. Casting off can make the shawl pucker, so I used Elizabeth Zimmerman‘s advice and knitted a cast off border (I found a great description at Glenna Knits. Knitting is one of the Big Things online, maybe even more popular than sports, sex, etc). Mine is moss stitch not garter stitch. So the actual casting off, was only 8 stitches. Symmetry.

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