looking again

Studio with pots
We’ve all been spring cleaning in Parade Mews ready for the Artists Open House coming up the next two weekends. Twitter/instagram @artistsopenhse .
Getting ready for shows means looking at all the work again, and trying to decide what’s worked, what hasn’t. What I like, what I think other people might like. Self-curating, I suppose. The Yard was full of makers pacing, or doing anything else, really, other than this hard categorising.
Studio with pots Open Studios are better than shows, though, because you can put a lot of work out. And say: “Oh, that’s just a test. But do you like it?” There’s also a huge range of people who visit, so you get a really wide variety of responses. Even if that includes, “Shouldn’t it be cheaper than IKEA as it’s home made?” Something to have an answer to…
My own thoughts change too, during the process. I was all set to throw away some tiny plates inscribed with Sir Walter Raleigh’s poem Give me my scallop-shell of quiet. But as I stacked them up, on a handy plinth, they looked really good to me again. Sometimes, as Martin Gladwell describes in Blink, over-thinking leads to bad judgement: our first, snap, decision is the most balanced one.
Studio with pots I still threw a lot of work out (there was a skip handy), or put it away. The great thing about clearing is it makes space for something new, even if that means living with empty space for a while. I’ve put up some of the calligraphy I’ve been experimenting with – to see what 2-D, framed-on-the-wall looks like in a workshop primarily full of 3-D objects. Can they mix successfully?
So I’m interested in what you think, of the new and the old, the 2-D and the 3D, whether you can make it to the studio or not. Visually and philosophically!

For more on the Artist’s Open House, here are the links:
My blogs about it;
The complete booklet;
The Artists Open House website.

twitter/instagram: @artistsopenhse
And some more pictures…

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