new year, ready or not

September is the start of the new year, for me. Before going back to college, it was Jan 1st, as my job was very results-oriented, and if you had ‘made your numbers’ by mid-December, you could, kind-of, kick back a little, or at least get a start on lining up work for the new year.

Going back to college, though, and in the craft world too, it’s definitely September. It’s partly that most of the movers and shakers in craft, certainly all the writers, have teaching jobs as well.

Art in Action 2015
Art in Action 2015The summer shows are over by mid-August. I always camp for Art in Action, in the lovely Waterperry Gardens near Oxford. They have 800 volunteers a day as well as the exhibitors, so the camping fields get pretty full. I got a space in the ‘quiet field’ this year, and had some relaxing evenings without any tech – no electricity – so asleep with the dusk and awake in the dawn.
scarfI’ve started my Christmas knitting early – after buying some wonderful plant-dyed organic wool from Elisabeth Beverley. She’ll be at the Great London Yarn Crawl this weekend – the 5th Sept 2015. This scarf in is slip-stitch rib, knitted in indigo-dyed organic wool from the Falkland Islands. I’ve learned a new cast-off, from the great Elizabeth Zimmerman, which looks great and is also easy. She re-works the idea of French knitting, called I-cord, short for Idiot cord in the USA. EZ hates the name, hence the shortening to i-cord.French knitting
scarfI’ve also made a reversible cable-and-moss stitch scarf. This is a logwood dye. The colour’s deeper and richer than it looks in the image. The cables make a nice wave edge by themselves – it’s a simple cast-on and off.
earplugsI’ve had a hard time making pots this summer – my concentration’s been shot so I’ve had a few glaze disasters. You have to pay attention! We’ve got building work going on, so the earplugs are useful. There’s such a narrow road in our Yard that it access takes a bit of negotiating… MewsI’m always amazed that the drivers can back into such a narrow space. MewsIt’s been a strangely damp summer, so work’s been taking ages to dry, even in the wind, on my drying rack.

2 responses to “new year, ready or not

  1. Having lorries like that, right outside your workshop looks horrible. I really feel for you. I don’t blame you for working from home. I’m moving my workshop away from home to a group workshop in Brighton soon. I’m excited but also pretty nervous. I do like my peace and quiet!

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  2. Oh – very good luck. I think the Brighton workshops have a good rep! It’s nice to have people to chat with, or borrow a cupful of potash feldspar from, too. Although moving kilns is hard!


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