plateFlatness is one of the new big things in designing for the Internet. Flatness in art was one of the really big ideas in the 60s, championed by the critic Clement Greenberg, and a big part of abstract expressionism. It was a time when critics really controlled the way people valued art, much more than today, and I remember Hockney interviews where he talks about how much he struggled with it. It’s a reminder of how much the world has changed. I wonder whether the next web-design idea will be lifted from art-history? Op art? I quite fancy a return to the painterly, Poussin maybe. Or text, a la Twombly!
New CD Website Apr15I’ve been re-writing my own website to create the flat look. It was surprisingly easy – deleting about 12 characters, which removed all the borders. My other changes, to make the site work better on mobiles and tablets, meant every single file in the whole site had to be changed. Doh! Let me know if you catch any mistakes.
potsI’m still working on the shellac resist pots, for an exhibition in Caernarfon (hence the Welsh). It’s ironic that my favourites are currently the plates, which are the nearest pots to 2-D objects.
I need glazes that pool, that show up the levels on the pots. I’m trying to develop a ‘cloudy day’ colour – a pale grey. The most prized chinese porcelain, Ru, came from the Emperor’s request for pots ‘the colour of the sky after rain’. These pale glazes are the hardest to make, and hardest to photograph, too, although the difference is clearer ‘on the pot’.
My favourite 2-D artist, Jason Hicklin, also deals with clouds after rain. He’s currently showing at the Beardsmore Gallery in Kentish Town. Wonderful etchings. Very black, I was conscious, looking at them, of the black deckle edge of the paper, and that they were real physical objects, with a texture and a surface. Noticably more to them than what you get with a slippery digital image. Although I’ve included one anyway. Definately worth a visit.

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