bowl I’ve been loading up my web site with new images recently. It’s coded in html/css, so it means I can easily try new fonts, too.
There’s a fashion in web design for a ‘flat’ look. As more people use smartphones or tables to look things up, websites need to work on touchscreens. This also means long menus don’t work, and you need more ‘buttons’, big enough for a finger to press. Nesta‘s a typical example: designed to look great and work easily on a smartphone touchscreen, it looks almost too simple on a desktop.
Why is it important? Well, I talked last time about the way the internet has changed what artists do. People see my work on the internet more often than in a gallery, so it’s important that the website doesn’t say ‘twee’ or ‘amateur’ or – the worst – ‘old-fashioned’. What do you think?
Here at the blog, it’s much easier to change the look, and adapt it to smartphones, as WordPress does a lot of the heavy lifting behind the scenes. There are some interesting flat themes, so I may try a new look here too. I think now artists have to evolve their presentation as much as they evolve the work.
shellac vases Back in the workshop I’m making more pots with large letters on them, in the ‘Wylan’ series. These are for a gallery in Caernarfon, so I’m using Welsh words, from Dafydd ap Gwilym’s poem ‘Yr Wylan’. I’m still testing different styles of writing though: it’s surprising how different letters look when they are six inches high.

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  1. Hi Carys, I think often of the same conundrum – how in fact our objects take on a ‘second life’ when we enter them into the online realm. We as artists (or craftspersons) are compelled to learn an entire new suite of tools: we are now photographers, web coders (sometimes), copywriters and the makers of art. It’s a ton of responsibility and nowadays, it’s a rare occasion that the artist is in a position to ‘sub’ all this type of work outside to other professionals. But as you said above, how the work appears online is just as important nowadays as the object in-person. Great post here and much to think about!

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