hacking is the new making

PeterDormerLast week’s MakeShift conference from the Crafts Council, which I talked about last week on the blog was all about the digital overlap with making. This week’s Peter Dormer lecture at the Royal College of Art was also all about hacker spaces, and the ‘maker movement’.
It was an interesting take on design education: the importance of ‘tacit knowledge’ – things you know but can’t tell, and the influence of ‘screens’ in separating the designer from the maker. It reminded me of my own design education in engineering much more than my education as an artist.
I suppose design is top-down, craft is bottom-up, simplistically. I know in business this top down /bottom up polarity was endlessly a big issue. There were waves of programmes trying to link up the knowledge of the ‘doers’ with the people at the top. Plus ca change!
Back in the studio, my own, bottom-up attempts are continuing. Some new ideas of raised lettering done with shellac have finally come through firings – they were at the back of the queue, after sellable work!
shellac-green1-470shellac9-470shellac9crop-470shellacNov14 (3)-470
Not quite right yet – I think I prefer the versions in handwriting. What do you think?

6 responses to “hacking is the new making

  1. Hi Carys, I always enjoy your posts with new work. At this point I also prefer the versions in handwriting, to me those look more personal and subtle. But I think, knowing your work, that it will only take some time with some more experimenting before these schellac versions will get the same qualities. Good luck!


    • Thanks Ingrid. I like that it’s the handwriting getting the votes…
      It’s weird sharing work-in-progress, but I know I always like seeing other people’s, so try to be brave and show work with I might hate later…


    • Juliet – thanks for pointing that out – I’ve fixed the image. I had edited it within WordPress, which seems to have caused some problem… I like the ‘wee viking’ – especially the light pieces! Thanks for the link. c


  2. Your handwriting is very unique and beautiful. Si I prefer it by miles! The shellac words look much more generic….well that’s what I think! But they may be more “commercial” and worth doing as a customisable range – for weddings/presents???


    • Hmmmm – interesting. Thanks for that! The handwriting’s easier to do, actually, so I’m not sure why I did the capitals now.. It’s terribly easy to be seduced into making work that looks ‘machine made’ and standardised, but it’s such a waste to be a person trying to mimic a machine.


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