setting up for contemporary crafts shows

My stand

My stand

A short post today, as I am on my way in to day 1 of the contemporary craft show MADE LONDON.
Set-up day, yesterday, is always interesting. First, the layout and position of stands is often different than you expect, even from last time, especially in an older biulding like One Marylebone. There’s usually a bit of last-minute reconfiguration and rearranging to make everything look right. Drills, white paint, and an extensive tool box required!.
Elaine Bolt - edited for passers by

Elaine Bolt – edited for passers by

I like to get this 90% done, quickly: because set up day is time I get to look at other people’s work, meet the people I know on the circuit. I had a treat this time, meeting Elaine Bolt, who I previously only knew through her blog. I like the surprise when you meet people in real life: online, you get a single dimension, like an un-orchestrated melody. Easier to understand (or misrepresent if you are the dog of the old internet joke). In real life, there’s so much more going on. Richer, but also harder, in a way.
I only managed a few images of work and people that cought my eye. I hope to snap a few more on the next couple of days if I manage to get in early. So for now, I’ll just include a gallery for you of some moments.

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