making and buying?

pot detailI’ve just sent out my autumn newsletter, listing my christmas shows (sign up here if would like to be on my email list.) It feels a bit commercial these days: a contrast to even five years ago when the same content would be professional. It’s a real change in the craft world, I suppose as our customer change from curators and galleries to Kevin Kelly’s ‘1000 true fans’.
thorn Getting images ready for the newsletter and to update my website has made me look harder at my new þ thorn pots. Selecting details, zooming on the images, help me look a bit more objectively at them, appreciate the details.
pot detail
tea towelsIt feels a bit early, talking about Christmas now – but necessary, to get work out to galleries and dates in diaries. Shows are a great place for ideas, too: for things you might want to make yourself. Sarah Young’s tea towels remind me of 70s Clothkits: you can use them, or make them into toys or cushions.
I’ve been looking for research on why making makes us happy. These include ‘Mastery experiencies’. So I’m planning to collect for future posts some ideas – inspired by contemporary craft makers – of how to enrich the Christmas experience through making. Maybe make a calligraphy set (a lovely painted box, some quills, some coloured ink), or a set of beautiful hand-made beads ready to string. Wander around MADE London and you’ll get great ideas, and know where the stuff comes from – often a problem online!
Some ideas to get you thinking…

What do you think?

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