deferred gratification

potPotters, more than some other artists, live in a world of deferred gratification. Especially with porcelain, you just don’t know what a pot will look like until it’s glaze fired. And firing works best with a full kiln: so I’m always part-way through a number of strands of making at once.

glazed test tileI like, here in the blog, to pull different threads of thinking together: for you, my lovely readers, to have something satisfying to read; but also as a ‘critical practice’ – a way to make sure I’m reflecting on, and learning from, my daily work.

porcelain pot At the same time, I’ve learned that opening up the real process of making, being authentic about what’s happening in the workshop, is also crucial – it makes the blog readable, and worthwhile.
thrown pot It reminds me of the moment, as a consultant, that I started to talk to clients about my own emerging (read: ‘wacky’) ideas about change and knowledge management, as well as the team’s well-understood approach. Most clients loved it: they could hear the energy and passionate engagement with these ideas – whether we implemented them or not.

So this week I have made some ‘pod’ shapes, a new idea about grouping by shape not glaze, fired the first few tests of the ‘shellac’ resist pots, write some Latin onto pots, and fired Batch 2 of the ‘thorn’ pots. All need more work, more looking at: and I suppose that’s my conclusion. There’s no conclusion this week!

PS. If you need some cheering up and don’t mind a bit of cuteness, can I recommend @mysadcat on twitter? He’s also written a book.

2 responses to “deferred gratification

  1. I know what you mean about having several ideas on the go. I often wonder if I’m moving forward on too many fronts. But in your work you can definitely see that they’re all connected. Like the pod shapes too.


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