unreal objects, for a change

china pattern book I’ve been updating my website recently, with projects like imaginary tea sets. I try and say it with pictures over at my website, but I’ve been including more non-ceramic work there recently – although these imaginary pattern books are pretty closely linked.
Bethesda animationI’ve also added an animation – Bethesda dawn, with Psalm 23. I showed just the dawn in my text and txts post; I’ve now managed to add the words.. I hope to add a second half to the animation, Bethesda Dusk; and a voice over of the Psalm – once I can work out the technology!
thorn glaze edgesMany thanks to those who voted for “thorn” or þ as the name for my new work last week. Sadly, the full-scale test stuck to the kiln – you can see in this close up of the glaze and the corner of the porcelain that came away with it. As the pot shrinks (20% for porcelain), the glaze, stronger than the pot, and stuck fast, breaks these pieces off.
porcelain potsThe pots are safe, and I have smoothed the white porcelain showing at the bottom, but they are curiosities rather than saleable items!
So I though I would offer them to the four of you who commented last week: Emily D, Scrapiana, RGS, Sarah Falla, and JulietMacleod. Send me your postal addresses if you would like one of these usable but slightly faulty pots – as shown in the picture – as a momento! They are about 12cm x 12cm x 12cm. My email is carysdavies(at sign)fastmail.fm. I understand you may be clearing out so not have room!
Last – some more images from imaginary tea sets:

3 responses to “unreal objects, for a change

  1. Thank you for the offer of a pot, Carys, which I would love. Who’d have thought there was a reward to be had for chatting on line…Though, obv, do not post! I hope you will persevere with ‘Thorn’ and look forward to seeing some more beautiful examples.


  2. What an extremely lovely offer! Biting your hand off by way of reply… But I do hope you manage to perfect your method to make saleable items because they are really beautiful, Carys. Address on its way to you. And I will find a fitting way to return the wonderful compliment.


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