archiving and adding, images and stories

oak ash stack I’ve been updating my website recently – creating archives, and adding projects from last year and this year. So far I’ve added oak ash and thorn and some animations. I’ve got some more animations to come (still being animated, slowly), and I also want to document my imaginary tea set project on the website.

You, my faithful blog readers, have of course already read about these projects at oak ash and thorn, new pots, new cabinets, the long and winding road, and leaves at West Dean.

poemMy blog format is modelled on the artist’s critical journal, for me, a moment to reflect and capture my immediate making or thinking in that week. I look back through it for material for longer term projects and developments – it’s got no over-arching narrative.

Conversely my website is more of a showcase of completed work, my tweets are pretty ephemeral, and my facebook page‘s a kind of chatty version of the blog. What I’d really like to do is to create more of a story: a narrative, an exploration of a making project from inception to conclusion.

I’m struggling to work out the best digital format for this: perhaps it’s formatted like a newsletter (currently being re-discovered); perhaps it’s another kind of blog, a ‘long-form’. There’s some interesting figures in this marketers view of ‘a story’.

Storythings are a company experimenting with new ways to tell stories – their newsletter is interesting, in content as well as format – and you can see their influence on others’ too – like this one from Native.

If any of you have links or books that you think could help, that would be great. What would you like? What’s the best story you’ve seen online?

neck tieneck tieIn other news, I can now show off my recent knitting project: a merino lace-weight wool tie with garter stitch stripes, a present for my brother, who’s birthday present it is today. I just hope it is plain enough. Happy birthday, J!

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