writing like Freud

Quote from HamletI do love words, text, writing, fonts. There’s something about the synthesis of form and content that’s very rich. It’s also something that we all do, that works from the most basic writing with a stick in sand right up to sophisticated scaling fonts from Adobe and others. It’s a great lens for considering craft and design, the work of the hand and the work of the machine, too.
Freud handwriting and textI was startled into this by Smashing Magazine’s article on making a Sigmund Freud font. I’d recommend their free newsletter, for you or any teenage geeky relatives you have, as they have interesting articles from the light and visual (cats, icons, colours), to the philosophical (responsive design) via the useful (CSS quizes).
Harald Geisler in the Freud article analyses what makes handwriting interesting, as well as giving tech tips; another article covers the difference between type and lettering in a more philisophical way.
poem Like Geisler, I copy ordinary people’s writing rather than calligraphy rule (like the West Norwood Cemetery ledgers). Using quill pens and Victorian dip pens alters the way writing works, too, and adds character to script. For me, this writing is the first step: I then spray it, collage it with other stuff, write it on pots, etc etc.
I think one of my favourite things about it is that it’s something easier to do ‘by hand’ than by machine: when I write on my pots it’s quick, unique, adapted to each shape. Something that can’t be replicated by machines today, and tomorrow only at great cost. Surely, then, properly ‘craft’!
In a rather techie week, I also discovered some great information about passwords: passwords that have been guessed already, key quote ‘the only secure password is one you can’t remember’; and different ways to remember passwords, which has the great cartoon below.

from the xkcd.org web comic web site

from the xkcd.org web comic web site

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