April is the silliest month

cat in artI was all set for a serious blog about success in art (triggered by seeing a wonderful Thomas Jones painting at the Ashmolean). But somehow the sun, the warmth of the weather, has brought out the silly.

I’ve been working on my website, making it work better on tablets and mobiles (I’ve already got responsive coding for this blog). I was struck by a great quote in Smashing Magazine, (which also included some cute animated cats):

A Reddit user once asked Tim Bernes-Lee: “What was one of the things you never thought the Internet would be used for, but has actually become one of the main reasons people use the internet?” He simply answered, “Kittens.”

cat in art There is interesting analysis of this online: I recommend Ella Mae Elliot, who mixes academic references with quotes from Burnell Yow!, Nora The Piano Cat‘s personal assistant. I hadn’t heard of Nora before this week, but she has been famous since 2007 with many tens of millions of views on YouTube. And actually, quite amazing.

As Ella points out, the cute cat’s been around for a long time. I remember buying several ‘cats in art’ books at the Met in New York – there’s even more available now – which are testament to cats sneaking into art from pre-history onwards.

CatinArt8CatinArt4CatinArt5CatinArt7Cat in Art









Still, if even TS Eliot thought cats were cute, I think maybe we can all be forgiven for a short interlude of cat distraction… OldPossum1
although it should be short: please, please don’t buy Crafting with Cat Hair!


2 responses to “April is the silliest month

  1. Lordy! Crafting with cat hair! And I thought I’d seen it all… Your levity is just what the doctor ordered today, Carys, so no need to apologise. The planned, more sober, post will also be appreciated, when it comes.


    • Yes, I tried to be serious. But I had never seen or heard of Nora the piano playing cat before, and she is really, properly, amazing and hilarious. I couldn’t help it.


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