leaves at West Dean

small platesLike last week, I’m starting with some overlooked plates I made for my Eisteddfod entry. detail of paper sculpture 13-jane_ponsford_paperlineAll these were inspired by leaves, and I must tip my hat to the fantastic Jane Ponsford, who makes leaves and other things in paper. She’s teaching a class at West Dean college, and by co-incidence I heard today that I’ll also be there in June (20-22nd) for a new Design and Craft Fair, organised by the wonderful Jon and Anne-Marie Tutton and Young. Hurrah!
Philip Sanderson's tapestry Nowhere NewsWest Dean has many fabulous courses. I once spent a week Woodworking there and still have my ash cabinet. The food was fab-u-lous and you could see Edward James’ art collection in situ… Lots of Magritte. The tapestry studio is particularly interesting – they have a really modern approach, and have made works for Tracey Emin.
Weald and Downland Museumflint wallThe Weald and Downland Museum is also nearby – I can’t believe I’ve never been there yet. They filmed Tudor Monastery Farm there, and they also run courses, like flint stone walling. I once built a flint-stone wall behind Beachy Head – repairing an original made by Napoleonic prisoners of war. It was a great conservation volunteering holiday (you can still do them with the National Trust,) and actually a very cheap, practical way to learn-by-doing!

3 responses to “leaves at West Dean

  1. Dear Carys,

    Thank you so much for the lovely comments in your newsletter.’The fantastic Jane Ponsford’ will be a description I will treasure for a long time. I have one of your beautiful plates with words sitting in my house next to other loved ceramics. Updates from your blog are very much looked forward to by me and it is really lovely to be mentioned.

    Jane Ponsford

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    • Thank you, Jane – I’ve been looking at your work while working on my ‘leaves’ plates, and felt your inspiration should be acknowledged! Plus, the course at West Dean sounds really great, they run some really interesting ones there, I hope it goes well!


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