the long and winding road

monoprint of treeI’m developing some new work to submit to this year’s Eisteddfod, which is proving a long and winding road, and illustrating the differences between the scientific method and the artistic one.


monoprint of treeMy only hypothesis, to start with, is ‘leaves or trees’; and my criteria for judging an experiment a success is ‘a slightly warmer feeling’, not evidence.


treeStill, trials and experiments are how both move forward: and I think the simplified ‘leaning thorn tree’ will make an appearance on a pot soon.


trees in snowprint of tree
porcelain pot


Here’s an example of how it works. I found a great image of trees in snow on a Toast Sale flyer (thank you Toast).  This became a lino print, simplified of course, and somehow changed in its nature by all that selection. The lino cut is simplified again, while being cut into a pot, and through alchemy – the real chemistry of glaze in this case – it becomes something different again.

I’ve discovered Pinterest recently, follow this link to see my collection of trees! It’s a great way to collect and share interesting ideas in image form. I’ve only started exploring there but I recommend it as a tool. Install the ‘Pinterest button’ (here) then you can add any image on the web.

I’ve been working on some oak tree images too: not ready for pots yet, but you may be interested to see the transformation from photograph through charcoal copy to monoprint!

Ancient oak oak tree oakoak

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