golden mending and more..

golden darn

scrapiana’s golden darn

Scrapiana made a great comment to my kintsugi post, including a link to her fabulous golden darn. I include it again, you may not have seen the comment. A great idea for those pesky moth-holes, I’m wondering whether I could also use tiny sparkly beads…

Cecilia Hatton darning with her own homespun

Cecilia Hatton darning with her own homespun

If you followed Wovember, you would have seen Cecilia Hatton’s award winning darned socks, knitted and mended in her beautiful hand dyed and spun wool.
golden button holeBy chance, I have a golden buttonhole: a stretch from the kintsugi idea but needed on this work suit of mine which never looked quite right until I added this button. I decided that now I’m an artist I should be able to get away with it!

sashiko mendingSashiko is a bit like kintsugi: a technique for mending and strengthening clothes developed in Japan but now used also for new embroidery. Information on it is a bit scattered, although I can recommend Susan Briscoe‘s book, which has useful background as well as how to do it.Sashiko Book

sashikoquilt I personally like the more informal sashiko patterns – I think it’s the variety within the structure – and these remind me of the fabulous Wagga Wagga quilts from Australia, which have something of the same informal approach within a constrained structure.

quiltedplanetThe image is from Celia Eddy’s Quilted Planet, a great resource on quilts, historical and contemporary: lots of unusual quilts.

matthew harris  cloth

The ideas within mending, sashiko and quilts are refined to an amazing degree in Matthew Harris‘s work: he works from cartoons, though, with an approach more like the ateliers who made tapestries for Raphael…

I’ve recently started using Pinterest to try and keep track of interesting image sources online: so here’s more images and examples of kintsugi-inspired mending. Let me know if you know of any more!

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