animated writing… digital and craft mash-ups

Animated calligraphy
After working with computers for twenty years, I’ve enjoyed the ceramic workshop, where electronics are banned as they get filled up with dust. I’m beginning though to think harder about how craft and the digital world work together.  
Like in other industries, one big impact is in logistics. It’s certainly easier now to take and share pictures of pots – no slides needed – and finances are much easier with online transactions – only a year or two ago I’d be trekking to the bank with cheques every Saturday morning. News and mailings are also primarily online (if you want, join my mail list), managed via MailChimp so that I comply with all the anti-spam rules.  
Upcycled speakerNext, I want to explore enhancing the interaction with my work. I hope to make some more animations of making, maybe with audio, posted online; enhance installations with audio and video, maybe with upcycled speakers; and maybe see whether online and installation can be connected. Black Country Atelier have a workshop where a robot is programmed to respond to tweets.. Maybe the installation could have audio of poems chosen that way? I just (just!) need to brush up my programming and soldering skills….

2 responses to “animated writing… digital and craft mash-ups

  1. Ha! The word “just” has become an alarm bell for me. Every time it crops up in a sentence, someone saying “you just need to do xxx” I automatically know whatever they are suggesting is going to be a load of time and trouble!


    • Oh yes. You are right. There was a large element of irony in that sentence! I struggled enough just with the animation part. The only good thing is that now I know to ‘move on’ quickly from stuff which is hard, or expensive, and look again until I find an easier way. The learnings of age!!!! Which for stop-motion animation is doing it in GIMP, by the way.


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