the wool clip and japanese fair-isle

japKnittingjapKnitting2I’ve been very excited by Ella Gordon’s blog post about japanese fair isle pattern books, as well as the new wool harvest shown at Jamieson and Smith’s blog. theclipTheir main site is a great place to buy wool: the parcels arrive with a Lerwick postcode and feel very exotic! tulip-fair-isle-mittens-shetland-spindrift-jarSome more great mittens– with porcelain this time – I found through Google images: these link through to the huge ravelry online community. I find this quite hard to navigate, you need a way in – for example, the tomten child’s jacket. Click through and be astonished!

NorwegianSockScandMitten As usual, I’ve found, and lost, many great links online. Rummaging through my Bookmark history I managed to find the fantastic site of Annemor Sundbø – she has 122 mittens and 78 socks online. Fantastic!
I’m trying out other online yarn stores, after my best first love of Shetland wool. Alice Starmore, who wrote a key text on fair isle, has wonderful speckled Harris Tweed-style wools, and I have wasted many hours looking at Colour Mart‘s fantastic cashmerino and baby yak (tip: use search, I enter ‘shetland 4-ply’ for example).

4 responses to “the wool clip and japanese fair-isle

  1. thanks for you continued support of my blog Carys, i actually met Annemor Sundbo at In the Loop 3.5, her talk was amazing, she had piles and piles of vintage knitting with her. xx


    • How exciting – there’s something really special in seeing and feeling knitting up close. I think I’m going to buy some of the Japanese knitting books too – so cool. I already have some great japanese books on sewing and pattern cutting by Tomoko Makamichi. I look at them rather than making things, but get lots of pleasure all the same.
      I love your blog by the way – all the different things you cover – so I hope you manage to keep it going, and keep making too! very best, carys


  2. Hi Carys, it’s so nice to see you like my Tulip Mittens, the ones with the porcelain. Glad you found them through google, but if you ever feel like seeing any other images of them, or my other knits, please feel free to stop by my blog; I’m here on wordpress, too, at


    • Thanks – I hope the links to your blog look OK too. I wanted to show the image to encourage people over. I make pots, so it was great to see the mittens with the ginger jar too. I know my knitting helps me make pots, it’s nice to see may the other way works too!


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