the art of wellbeing

Lightbox Space WokingI went to a really interesting conference at The Lightbox in Woking on the 28th which looked at how art affects health – more specifically, wellbeing. We shared Prof Paul Camic (who makes really informative tweets) with Culture, Health and Wellbeing, another recent academic conference which I didn’t get to – too expensive for a non-academic – but posting good information online like these keynote speeches.
Happy Museum LogoI like this thinking: it feels like doing more, more creatively, with our assets and skills. I particularly loved the happy museum, a really serious, rigorous project enriching people’s experience, and a proper community of practice too.
Culture Club LogoLeisa Gray who runs a successful, growing Culture Club for over 55s in Kirklees talked about studies showing that attending cultural events has measurable health benefits, even without participation. There are of course many studies showing the health benefits of reducing social isolation, which I looked at during my time at nesta.
I went to some great sessions on evidence at nesta, which reminded me how very careful you have to think through the numbers. The Alliance for Useful Evidence is trying to do this, of course, although not yet about art and well-being. UCL‘s research on touch and well-being shows how rigorous you have to be.

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