hanging around cemeteries in the dark

pots in a timbTonight’s the opening of the West Norwood Curious Trail: 6-9pm then at the nearby Portico Gallery until 10:30pm. I’m looking forward to being there in the dumb living twilight, with a flask of coffee, and it’s not really dark until later, in case anyone’s worried. My installation is Still falls the Rain, detail shown here, but there are 21 other artists, including sound and video installations.

Do come if you like – although there’s other events during July. I’m giving a brief talk – at my tomb I think – on the 7th July, which is the day of FEAST, when there is a food and vintage clothes market in West Norwood. On Sunday the 21st July there’s a Grand Picnic for the Common Dead, in one of the open areas of the cemetery.
graves in West Norwood
My installation is at the top of a rise, by a crossroads, it’s very peaceful: other areas of the Cemetery are very gothic, some very full, some very kitsch, some almost back to nature… Something for all aesthetics.

There’s been really great press for the event, in art magazines as well as radio – Robert Elms.

I hope you are not all sick of seeing the same image: it’s becoming a bit of a ‘logo’ for me for the installation. It’s strange how one image sometimes jumps out as encapsulating the feeling of a piece even when it’s a small detail. I remember buying art when one piece stuck out like this – in may case usually the work of Jason Hicklin. Sometimes it really is because it’s a fantastic image – I’ve never tired of those I bought, although I have slow-burn images as well.

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