another chance to see work, and me too

carys davies porcelainI’m opening the studio again for Artists at Home, part of the Dulwich Festival. Saturday and Sunday, 18, 18th May, 11-5pm. It was great to have visitors last week, some trying out calligraphy, some eating cake!carys davies studio

I’ve also been delivering work for upcoming shows, for those of you nowhere near London. porcelain pots with text I’m really pleased to have work at the Bowie Gallery in Hay on Wye. Bowie also have a stand at the Festival, where I hope all the literary types will like the texts on the pots. Hay’s a fantastic town – I was amazed how many interesting art and craft galleries there were there as well as the bookshops, market and castle. Hay houses Hay Castle


2 responses to “another chance to see work, and me too

  1. Hello Carys
    I bought some of your pots at Art in Action and I follow your blog–I am interested in calligraphy too. I saw someone had asked you to write some Shakespeare sonnets. I wonder if you could do one for me, that had the details of a wedding on the reverse? Would you be able to do that in the next month? You might not have time! Please let me know.
    Jane Collins


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