do not go gentle into that good night..

WNCem01-600I’ve been visiting West Norwood Cemetery, one of the Magnificent Seven, to prepare for this year’s Curious Trail.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey hold the original records there, in wonderful copperplate, and I’ve been getting my hand in to the style by copying the details out.

WNCem-CD01-600You can already get leaflets on the interesting and famous people buried there – Music Hall performers and Sportsmen – from the Friends, but there are still poignant traces of stories there.. The sisters Zinopoulos, Sophi and Christine, dying four months apart in the dark days of 1941/2.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANext time I will visit the plots – 39474 and 39494 – to see how far apart they are now…

3 responses to “do not go gentle into that good night..

  1. I love your work Carys, I stumbled upon it while trying to get recipies for volcanic glazes. I believe you’ll be exhibiting at Culross Pottery this summer ( the place I honed my skills), looking forward to seeing your work in the flesh!


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