craft, digital, and guest blogging

gps-retroI’ve been thinking about the overlap between digital and objects for a while – having spent so many years in the digital world I’m not sure I’m ready to go back! So I love this non-digital gps system from the 1920s.fabric-speakerAfter last week’s chip programming at the Big Bang Fair, I’ve been thinking about investigating a bit of programming myself. I found the most amazing programmable textile site – with ideas like this fabric speaker, or the sewable LilyPad Arduino chip.lilypad arduino
I found these via Carol Torgan’s wearable technology pinterest site – which makes me understand the attraction of pinterest for the first time.

I’m still investigating innovative approaches to ageing, filling up my Nesta Ageing Blog while still an intern there.

This week I also guest-blogged on the Nesta site. Appearently it sounds like me, which I hope is a good thing: it’s kind of what blogging is about, anyway.

One response to “craft, digital, and guest blogging

  1. Hi Carys, Thanks for the link – it’s interesting to read a bit more about your placement about what you’ve been up to. Sounds like lots of food for thought.


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