craft for kids at the Big Bang

Toy HackI’m still thinking hard about craft and innovation during my Internship at Nesta, but I helped out at the Big Bang Fair last weekend, which reminded me that all craft comes from making things, and there’s just as much craft in software engineering as making pots.

Nesta’s stand Make Things Do Stuff had great ideas, like making new toys from bits of old. Remember this in Toy Story 2?

LED Badge programming

I was helping kids programme flashing badges – starting with a flow chart on a computer, and downloading the instructions from there onto the on-board chip. It was great seeing kids get the hang of it – the feedback of having a real object responding to their computer instructions really worked to get them excited.

Technology Will Save Us The sensibility was often ‘home-made’: I loved Technology will save us and their plywood approach.

Printcraft The best use yet of a 3D laser printer was there: the ability to print objects from within the World of Minecraft. My nephews have built me a house there, so I’m particularly keen, it’s so much more than animated Lego. I like to watch the sunrise over the sea below….

There’s more ideas for making stuff at
Stand 5

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