memes and nudges at Nesta

Nesta logoI’m still at Nesta – working on the Living map – a collection of vignettes describing interesting ideas and projects, amongst other things. My favourite is still Mindings. There’s a similar map at The Age of Creativity for arts project for older people, which I hope to explore further.

Nesta also have a fantastic idea – The Randomised Coffee Trial – where people at Nesta are randomly matched to half a quick coffee-break together.

Started by another intern, the blog about it is the most popular blog entry at Nesta for a while. It’s partly a great idea, partly a great ‘meme’ , a kind of cultural gene propagating through the culture. It also reinforces the idea of a nudge as a good way to effect social and cultural change.

I’m writing a blog for Nesta on what it’s like to be an intern – it’s also to reflect what it’s like being an older person starting again, I think. I’m already forgetting what it was like to not work in an office – it now feels so natural to be dressed in black and white smart clothes and pointy shoes. I’ll cross-post here when I finish it, you can see whether the tone is different as well as the clothes.

I’m still getting to the workshop at the weekend – so more images of pots next week!

What do you think?

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