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amazingsI’m currently spending three months as an intern at Nesta , the innovation foundation. I’m working in the Public Services Lab, of which more later, but they help and fund initiatives like The Amazings, where you can book onto kiltmaking, bookbinding, foraging, and corset-making courses, amongst many others.
Evidence is also important to Nesta. What really works? And even more, how do you persuade people of what really works? We ran a workshop – discussed in the CEO Geoff Mulgan’s blog, on the evidence around health care for older people. The great thing was that funders – people with big money to help, like the Big Lottery Fund – were there as well as academics and practical care-givers.

It’s strange how easily I’ve settled back into the work – although I picked this three months because it’s the slow time in craft, and, of course, the very very cold time in my workshop. Brrrrr. I hope to pick up ideas on bringing social enterprise into crafts – don’t know how yet, though: but the definition – an enterprise which has social benefits as its ends and its means – is definately something to aspire to.


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