the foam as still as milk….

porcelain pot The fantastic Sussie Ahlburg has come through with fantastic images of my Llyr Lewis pots. I think this one is my favourite – the line in the poem is:

“Ond a’r ewyn yn llyn llaeth”
“But with the foam as still as milk”

I love the way Llyr Lewis has written it in English as well as Welsh.
porcelain pot detail
Some of the images are less about thw words, more about texture, like this one, with even the word – “the sand” being a texture. The line is:

“Ewyn wy’n cydio’r tywod”
“I am the foam holding onto the sand”

Sussie’s also got a great new group shot for me. I often have to persuade people through images before they get to see and handle the pots, which is difficult with groups of pots, where the spacial relationships are important. So I’m particularly grateful for this great shot.
group of porcelain pots


5 responses to “the foam as still as milk….

    • Clare – I’m applying to a couple of competitions with these, one ‘Poetry in Art’, the Adrien Henri prize; the other the Eisteddfod in Wales – I’ll post in the blog if I get them in to either. I’ll also be showin them at Dulwich Festival Artist’s Open House in May – again, there’ll be more on here about this in April. So glad you like them though.


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