new work for the Eisteddfod…

porcelain pots
Just out of the kiln is the final work I’m getting ready for 2013 competitions. It’s always hard with new work to tell if it’s any good. I like to get the fabulous Sussie Ahlburg to take pictures of them: it’s always a revelation how she sees the pieces, and I’ll certainly put up some examples in a couple of weeks when I get them. detail of porcelain pot It’s the first time I’ve mixed the volcanic glaze and the text for a while so I’m a bit nervous about them. The poem’s by the Welsh poet LLyr Lewis, written in both Welsh and English, which I’ll talk about more next week.

4 responses to “new work for the Eisteddfod…

  1. Those look like Kimchi pots. Not sure if you know what those are, in Korea they have “Kimchi season” which is when they ferment that dish. The pots look just like those… sorry had some nostalgia just now.


    • I’ve just looked them up – they’re grreat! I really like Korean ware although I haven’t seen as much of it as Chinese/Japanese. There was such an interesting Korean potter at the last Aberystwyth Ceramic Festival – making huge pots!


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