new year, new kiln

kiln in workshop I managed to buy a kiln just before Christmas, through the extremely helpful Kevin Sparrow. It’s a lot more complicated buying these than you might think: there’s at least five components that have to be present and ‘match’; and installation costs are often more than the cost of the kiln – a bit like an Aga, I suppose.

image of inside of new kiln

So I was very relieved when the first firing went well, although I still need to calibrate the kiln temperature with the ‘heat work’ – measured by Orton cones. firing cones These are more accurate because they are made of clay – like the work – and bend over as they soak it up. The first firing was hotter than expected at the bottom, hence the crumpled cones on the right – but the work looked great, one of those unexpected accidents! porcelain bottle

7 responses to “new year, new kiln

  1. New Kiln, how exciting! And the work looks great.
    My new gas kiln arrives next week…! I’m on the look-out for help with the installation, myself. Having seen your post, I tried Kevin today, he was very nice but unfortunately doesn’t do gas. I don’t suppose you have any contacts for someone who might be able to help? If so I’d be very grateful.
    Good luck with the calibration anyway.


    • Elaine – Malcolm Johnson’s the guy I used but he had to go back to a full-time job last year. Do you need ventilation as well as connection? Or just help getting the firing done?


  2. Well, I have someone coming who’s going to quote for putting in a flue and ventilation, but I think I might need some expert help just setting the whole thing up once it arrives. Hopefully the flue guy will have some suggestions.


    • sounds good to me! I can tell you about my experiences getting a new Laser kiln going once you’ve got that far – email or call me – I was desperate then for some advice so I’m happy to pass on anything I know…. carys


      • Hi Carys thanks so much for the offer of help, very much appreciated! I’m still waiting for the thing to arrive but feeling a bit more positive after the flue guy was pretty helpful, though he has a six week waiting list. May take you up on that offer of help once I’m a bit further down the line. Best wishes, Elaine


      • No probs! the best people always have a waiting list so that’s a good thing. The only thing I’d say is, sometimes the first couple of firings aren’t very good, so you may want to start saving some ‘seconds’ that you don’t mind going wrong….


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