taking a line for a walk

Image of Kyra Cane's new book Making and Drawing Kyra Cane at book launch

Kyra Cane launched her new book Making and Drawing at the CAA last night. The book’s scope is wide: how makers use drawing as part of preparation; but even more, how makers draw with clay, thread, wire, all kinds of materials. It’s fascinating to read, but just looking at the pictures is fabulous as well as the juxtapositions are surprising and exciting. So a great book to look at for non-makers as well, I think… if you’re looking for unusual gifts!
clay squiggle by Sarah Scampton

I was particularly struck by Sarah Scampton’s work, which is included. This is from her show at Beardsmore Gallery. Formal analysis is a part of art criticism I always found hard to grasp, but Sarah’s work really embodies it: about line, space, flatness, value.

Image of embroidered panel Here’s another line taken for a walk… from the unravelled exhibition at Nymans.
Book coverThe best book for reluctant drawers is Betty Edward’sDrawing on the Right Side of the Brain. I like to draw, but I like to re-work the drawing with other material too…
drawing with text drawing

Note: post title is from Paul Klee.

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