more ‘and that ruthless king is steam’

I’m firing the last few pieces for my installation at Manchester Crafts and Design Centre, including plates with the fabulous King of Steam poem. They also have phrases from Lucy Harvey’s collecting history blog. These blue plates are from the earlier history of the Centre, when it was still the retail fish market.

Porcelain plates with texts from 'collecting history'

Porcelain plates with text from the collecting history project
Other plates have quotes from more recent times – it’s very touching what people remember: the Manchester bombings,  the Doves playing at the Centre, as well as more personal memories.

More and smaller plates are still going through the kiln – I’ve got a set with some phrases, some Factory Catalogue numbers on – you can just spot Joy Division in the image. Porcelain plates with text The Factory used to give catalogue numbers to unexpected things, like the Hacienda itself, to mix things up, so I feel it’s particularly appropriate to appropriate them for plates…

In an attempt to get them through quickly I have been opening the kiln a little too early – yesterday I heard a loud crack as a plate split in two in the kiln – it’s called a ‘dunt’ when ceramic cracks during cooling. I’m always amazed that the pieces don’t fit together after a dunt. (I have tried.) The internal stresses are so high they’ve permanently changed the shape of the broken pieces.

3 responses to “more ‘and that ruthless king is steam’

  1. These are lovely and I wish I could be in Manchester to see the exhibition. I was a student there in the late 1980’s, danced a lot at the Hacienda, listened a lot to Joy division and New Order and have a very soft spot for MCDC. Hope all goes well.


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