what I learned from opening the studio…

I finally got the studio clear for the Dulwich Festival, and it was busy (I’m the one in the green shirt). visitors at carys davies open studio May2012

I always think if people have made a special journey to see me (and Parade Mews is always a special journey) then they should have tea and cake and a chat. It was busy enough that I missed some people – I’m so sorry if that was you!

I’d forgotten that people new to my work are nearly always first attracted to the volcanic bowls: which are the first pieces I made and really got right. Luckily I still like making them, they are a kind of ‘warm-up’, reminding me how to throw, how to be precise and loose at the same time, how to slip into the flow.

I also realised that the new work – boxes containing sets of vessels with text on – is not as ready as I thought! I need to make it more clear that you get the box too, that the text is from a poem, what the poem is… I’ve been a bit too enthusiastic about it, I think.

This is what’s great about meeting customers outside a gallery exhibition: it’s a counter-balance to the views of curators on new work, which really helps me pick the right mix of work to take for shows that are more about selling.

With heartfelt thanks to RG Saunders for help & photos.

pots on shelves at carys davies open studio May2012

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