today I’m opening the studio to visitors

For the last few years I’ve been part of ‘artist’s open house’ in the Dulwich Festival. Today’s my first year doing it alone and in my own workshop… as usual it means a big clear out, but it’a a great chance to literally get some perspective on what work I have, older and more recent.
Ceramic plaque mounted on wood hanging on black metal workshop door
I remember the installation artist Claire Twomey saying how much her working space influenced her work, so I’m also looking forward to seeing what this new big space will do to my work.

It’s always interesting seeing what people like or don’t like about both the work and the layout, especially people who aren’t normally ceramics buyers or collectors. You get a really clear response: the good stuff seems to be really recognisable even without a white plinth and a spotlight on it.. And of course some things I think are great suddenly look a bit affected in the cold light of an external eye. So I’ll be extra interested in people’s reponses to the plaques (are they a bit tacky?) and the stacks of plates (a bit arty?).

If you are anywhere near Brixton today or tomorrow please come! 11-5 both days.  Of course it’s a long way from, say, Portland! That’s the problem with the ‘death of distance’.

Stack of lack-glazed porcelain plates

What do you think?

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