in my heart there was a kind of fighting

hand-written piece of Hamlet One of my favourite parts of Hamlet is a fragment when Hamlet’s at sea. It’s the turning point when he takes his destiny into his own hands. Hamlet’s really helped me learn about making art, how these kinds of artefacts are different from making houses or reports or machines (I used to be an engineer and a consultant).

Sir, in my heart there was a kind of fighting that would not let me sleep

Hamlet as a play doesn’t really make sense, it’s full of gaps, strange leaps and shortcuts. But in performance, something strange happens, and I was transfixed, on the edge of my seat, completely engaged even though I knew what would happen.  This is what I want for my pots – and for me why they will always be something to handle, to hold.handwritten quote from hamlet, up from my cabin

This is a way off, of course. I have learned to not procrastinate, to just do it, as Nike would say. Well, she is the goddess of victory.  So now I follow my obsessions, not worrying about where they take me, copying out the bits of Hamlet over and over….

And sometimes these obsessions don’t lead anywhere immediately: feeding something, but not cooked yet.   That’s another reason I’m writing here: a web site’s too finished for these kinds of pots. I need feedback on whether my latest new thing is great or a bit of a mistake. I get this at exhibitions and craft fairs as well, but here they are as well for comment.

What do you think?

stack of porcelain vessels with Hamlet quote on

2 responses to “in my heart there was a kind of fighting

    • The frosted look’s great – like rain on sand!
      Sadly you need a gas-fired kiln to get it, where you starve the kiln of oxygen (it’s called reduction). The whole thing takes about 8 hours of tweaking burners and chimneys, flames everywhere, etc etc. I sometimes fire for someone else, I learnt at college, gas kilns are big & expensive so I don’t own one (yet?) carys


What do you think?

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